We regularly ridicule urgent draggers, their strategy for hauling and their instant expressions. However we are not forgotten. When love goes to the fore, we end up wild and we experience considerable difficulties staying ourselves. Between frantic chuckling, enormous or little lies and keeping an eye on interpersonal organizations … find the 15 dig botches that all young ladies make!

The relentless laugh

We realize that men jump at the chance to giggle at their jokes … The issue is that if Monsieur’s jokes are not amusing, chuckling idiotically, we urge him to proceed.

And after that, despite the fact that it would be amusing, to giggle along these lines, we will wind up resembling a comedian.


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Drink liquor to the point where you can not control your appendages

We are super cool, we hold liquor, we cherish bourbon … Uh oh, we simply tumbled off the stool!

Appreciate all that he says to the point of extending his eyes like an outsider

Do you locate that hot when you have the feeling that a pooch malnourished for quite a long time and obviously experiencing serious issues fixes you ceaselessly? We concur.

To believe that being thoughtful to somebody will influence you to comprehend that you are keen on him

We get a kick out of the chance to consider it the « we drag it so much that it was unavoidably acknowledged » however our companions want to rename « it’s alright for sure? He knows nothing. You’re extremely terrible at that « …

Enlighten him concerning different young men who are occupied with us.

The notable system that is intended to signify: « A considerable measure of young men are keen on me yet I don’t welcome them excessively. It’s you that I lean toward! You’re so fortunate, you know? « .

Be that as it may, who is, more often than not, comprehended as « different folks are keen on me and it’s presumably common. We’re simply companions, alright? « .

Be shrewd with him feeling that it tends to be a being a tease method.

It may be the case that our jokes are not surely knew … to evade!

Profess to cherish a band simply because they are a devotee of it.

What for the most part begins with a bit « I cherish them » is all the time pursued by a heap of untruths. We should rapidly imagine we know a melody from their 1998 collection.

We wind up needing to concede that we don’t know the band, however it’s past the point of no return.

Well done, we have more than to purchase 15 collections – conceivably invalid – to demonstrate that we didn’t lie.

To go about as though he didn’t generally intrigue us.


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The facts demonstrate that going about as though we were not intrigued could make him significantly more dependent. In any case, would we extremely like to be with somebody who just adores us when we don’t care for him? To ponder…

Try not to answer every one of his inquiries to look puzzling.

It would be a chance to demonstrate to him who we truly are. What’s more, this would one say one is of the best things that could bring us closer (what we as a whole long for, no?).

Deceiving be cool

Lying is honestly debilitating. We should recollect every one of the general population we told programmers and recall them (no inquiry of changing variant en route).

Between us, we have more vitality for this particularly with regards to gatherings.

In addition, in the event that we lie, he adapts more about the individual that we are not and we will never truly be associated … Why chance this?

Keep an eye via web-based networking media accounts like an abundance seeker

There is a small outskirt between cherishing what he posts on Facebook and LOVING EVERYTHING he posts on Facebook, retweeting every one of his tweets …

Tease just on informal communities by envisioning that the retweet permits to share his enthusiasm for a man.

We might want to imagine that individuals do it for us, that each retweet is a genuine statement of adoration and that it is, subsequently, synonymous with hauling … However, why lie? That is not how it functions.


We, we experience difficulty with the winks and it is essentially on the grounds that we don’t know how to do them. In any case, regardless of whether you’re especially great at it, manhandling it’s anything but a smart thought. We could rapidly trust that you are losing your contact focal points or that you have a neurological issue. Stressing, at that point.

The eye-getting, that is valid! Simply look at him without flinching and see what happens …

To imagine that our gathering was a stroke of destiny.

Indeed, it’s enticing to meet him by chance at the edge of each road where he has, as a general rule, pursued


We often make fun of compulsive draggers, their method of dragging and their ready-made phrases. Yet we are not left out. As soon as love comes to the fore, we become uncontrollable and we have a hard time staying ourselves. Between mad-laughter, big or small lies and spying on social networks … discover the 15 dredge mistakes that all girls make!

The nonstop giggle
We know that men like to laugh at their jokes … The problem is that if Monsieur’s jokes are not funny, laughing stupidly, we encourage him to continue.

And then, even though it would be funny, to laugh in this way, we will end up looking like a clown.


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Drink alcohol to the point where you can not control your limbs
We are super cool, we hold alcohol, we love whiskey … Oops, we just fell off the stool!


Take an interest in everything he says to the point of widening his eyes like an alien
Do you find that sexy when you have the impression that a dog malnourished for years and visibly suffering from severe problems fixes you without stopping? We agree.

To think that being kind to someone will make you understand that you are interested in him
We like to call it the « we drag it so much that it was inevitably realized » but our friends prefer to rename it « it’s okay or what? He knows nothing. You’re really bad at that « …

Tell him about other boys who are interested in us.
The well-known technique that is meant to mean: « A lot of boys are interested in me but I do not appreciate them too much. It’s you that I prefer! You’re so lucky, you know? « .

But who is, most of the time, understood as « other guys are interested in me and it’s probably mutual. We’re just friends, ok? « .

Be naughty with him thinking that it can be a flirting technique.
It could be that our jokes are not well understood … to avoid!

Pretend to love a band only because they are a fan of it.
What usually starts with a little « I love them » is very often followed by a mountain of lies. We must quickly pretend we know a song from their 1998 album.

We end up wanting to admit that we do not even know the band, but it’s too late.

Well done, we have more than to buy 15 albums – potentially invalid – to prove that we did not lie.

To act as if he did not really interest us.
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It is true that acting as if we were not interested could make him even more addicted. But, do we really want to be with someone who only loves us when we do not like him? To meditate…

Do not answer all his questions to look mysterious.
It would be an opportunity to show him who we really are. And this is one of the best things that could bring us closer (what we all dream of, no?).

Lying to be cool
Lying is frankly exhausting. We must remember all the people we told hackers and remember them (no question of changing version along the way).

Between us, we have more energy for this especially when it comes to meetings.

Moreover, if we lie, he learns more about the person that we are not and we will never really be connected … Why risk this?

Spy on social media accounts like a bounty hunter
There is a tiny border between loving what he posts on Facebook and LOVING EVERYTHING he posts on Facebook, retweeting all his tweets …

Flirt only on social networks by imagining that the retweet allows to share his interest for a person.
We would like to pretend that people do it for us, that every retweet is a true declaration of love and that it is, therefore, synonymous with dragging … But why lie? That’s not how it works.

We, we have trouble with the winks and it is mainly because we do not know how to do them. But, even if you’re particularly good at it, abusing it is not a good idea. We could quickly believe that you are losing your contact lenses or that you have a neurological disorder. Worrying, then.

The eye-catching, that’s true! Just look at him in the eyes and see what happens …


To pretend that our meeting was a stroke of fate.
Yes, it’s tempting to meet him by chance at the corner of every street where he has, in reality, followed

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