Easy Model Registration

I hope to be as short and clear as possible to help you register as a webcam model.

Info: Despite the desire and motivation but also real qualities to get rich with this Job, too many fail to register and give up because of this and this regardless of the webcam site.

The inscription on Livejasmin is the best choice and especially for those who feel this kind of Job but who have never considered before or even done is the ideal site those who start in this kind of job for the simple and good reason that it is practically the only site where the models have rules that prevent the bidding of sex before the actual payments to see the shows really hot.

And in addition to its politics and seniority, and therefore its notoriety and its immense traffic, all those who are motivated and play well the game because it is necessary to take this job as such, earn very very well their lives.

Some old earn even millions with this job in just 22 or 24 years, but this is the subject of another article, we are here to facilitate the registration, the beginning of your glory and where many fail from the start since they can not complete their registration.

Before starting, let’s see what your income can be on the site below.
Study to the finest according to the huge range of existing models

If it tells you to win so much, now let’s see the inscription

Clic on  this picture and subscribe you here

Once you have clicked on this image you see a lot of information like the Top 3 for example Millionaire webcam models of this site and a number of testimonials below that demonstrate that this site is really the top for models that have chosen to register.

Look a little if you wish of course but if you want to continue the registration, click Join Us.

You will fall on this page which is the one of the Create Account

Here you only need to enter a Mail address and a password for your future connections to the site as a model to the Livejasmin site. (The password can be changed later if you wish).

As soon as you have entered this Basic Information, and you have checked « I accept the service rules » (which you can and normally should, what few do).

You can click Create Account.

You should normally receive confirmation of your Account Creation.
If you have any problem, you can contact them by clicking on Contact Support (top right of the account creation form) or write here: help@livejasmin.com

As soon as you click on Create Account, you are on another simple page where you have to choose the Account Type you want.

We do not have a capture of this but basically you have to choose if you are a Model Alone, or a Studio (place in which models register without going through the recruitment links of the site and in which they work for a who pays for it with the overall earnings of all the models working there (common in Eastern countries).

Easy registration if this is for models wishing to register alone, and Advanced Registration is for those who want to register as a couple, to many or those who want to set up a studio, which can be changed later by contacting the support.

We advise you to choose Alone Model to work at home safely and get paid by Livejasmin directly to your online virtual account with your real money.

Of course it is possible to choose Man, Woman, Couple or Trans but the procedures vary a little sometimes and suddenly, this choice may occur elsewhere at your registration, but it is not the most important for your registration is successful.

Let’s go on

Now that you have chosen the Account Type and validated this part by clicking on the Button at the bottom, let’s see the Personal Information section.

So do not be afraid because all Personal Information that you put here will not be disclosed to anyone, the only thing that will be shown on this page will be sex, your age, see the country (still think that you can choose not to not be distributed in the countries of your choice).

Here you are asked for your Sex.
Your 2 first names and your Family name (this is only for the registration form for the site.)
Your Birth Date (Important to see that you are Major)
Your ID card number (we will come back to it later, it’s important, but give the true one, you’ll later understand the importance of that.)
Your expiry date of the identity card.
Your country.
Your state or region where you live.
Your city
your postal code
Your Postal Address (usually not used)
Your nationality
Your Ethnic Group.

Fill it in as honestly as possible to avoid bad correlations.
(Rest assured, what is shown to the public site is not detrimental for you because the policy of Livejasmin is also the protection of its members and their safety.

Once you have filled all this, Validate the form, read again if you have a doubt to save time in case of error and for the validation of your registration is going at best.

Warning: The following part is one of the most important parts because it is this part that will allow you to be validated quickly, understand that a manual validation of account can take 3 days or even a little more but that a robot can accept it immediately if everything is in order.
Do not hesitate to contact the site in case of request, doubt, about your registration, they are very nice. Write HEREhelp@livejasmin.com

You have validated the form so let’s see what is now the request for documents.

This request for documents is important because it will justify that you have told the truth, prove that you are of age and this in a simple way, verify your identity through your ID card and this simple. in 2 different ways.

With this part, you will have to send a scanned copy or a clear picture of your identity card, front side.
You can leave it as is but the main thing is that they see the information you have entered in your personal information. (it has to match)
Do not use your webcam for this, the map will not be clear enough so that everything is well recognized.

Make sure your face is clear on this photo, even a laptop can do the trick to take a picture of your ID if it comes out clear and you know how to get it on a site where you post it or on your office with a connection cable.

The next step will be to take you in Image with your webcam.
So it is important that the robot recognizes you according to your picture taken from your card from the previous phase.

So if possible and to facilitate the task, it is important to put a light in front of you because the webcams do not have it, and it is necessary that your face is enlightened so that it corresponds best to your photo of your card identity that was taken with a flash in general.

For example, block your laptop at the bottom of your PC screen in Torch Lamp mode to illuminate your face when shooting it to refine the features.

This step is essential to really increase your chances of successfully registering for livejasmin.

Depending on how you sign up and where you went for that you need to take yourself into Webcam alone and another webcam photo capture with your ID.
If I added this sentence is that according to the pages of registration sites and registration phases, see even the seniority of the affiliate site, sometimes some differences may arise.

All you have to do is login to your account if it is not done and get the program back
of Livejasmin provided and then login with your credentials on this one to manage your erotic shows online.

Feel free whatever your language spoken to contact me here at toto-admin@erobuzz.com (delete foo and the line) if you encounter problems and if possible make me a catch of the problem form.